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Angela Del Sol Varela, a climate entrepreneur, curator, and creative strategist with a global perspective, has dedicated the past decade to bridging the digital and physical realms through immersive experiences that blend performance art, technology, and storytelling, fostering community and social impact worldwide. Her remarkable portfolio boasts curated festivals, art fairs, conventions, events, and meet-ups across five continents, showcasing her mastery in transforming big ideas into unforgettable and thought-provoking experiences under her Agency, Solare Creative. Notable clients include UN Sustainability Festival, Frieze Art Fair, The Economist, VR World, Panorama NYC, Open Circles Singapore, and more.

Passionate about leveraging art and culture as catalysts for positive social and environmental change, Angela Del Sol sees herself first and foremost as an artist. Drawing from her non-linear and creative mind, she offers invaluable support to mission-driven brands through branding, marketing, and creative production. Her expertise lies in crafting successful and captivating marketing campaigns that help brands establish unique identities and deeply resonate with their target audiences through creativity and purpose. Notable clients include Land is Life, Bitgreen, Entrepreneurship World Cup and more. 

Angela Del Sol was part of the Sustain US United Nations Youth Delegation in 2017, passionately promoting SDGs. Angela Del Sol has used her voice to advocate for climate action and bring clean energy and drinking water to the most needed places. She has fundraised to bring Solar Power and clean water, and other philanthropic works to Puerto Rico and Colombia. Olafur Eliason, renowned contemporary artist and founder of Little Sun Energy, highlighted her humanitarian work in 2019

Angela Del Sol's primary passion has always been art and supporting emerging artists. In 2019, she curated United Nation's Festival of Sustainabilty Art Pavillion to showcase artists for climate. During Frieze Art Fair, she created unique tours for blue-chip collectors from BBVA and Morgan Stanley to build special collections. She has also done journalistic coverage of Art Basel and Untitled Fair, to educate different audiences on contemporary art in an approachable manner. During SCOPE 2023, she curated Rob Wodcox's first solo show which not only received raving reviews but prime viewing booth in the fair.

During the intense year of 2020, Angela Del Sol believed it was a time for humanity's artistic renaissance and worked on 2 large art projects to jump-start this movement. In 2020, she produced a 30 x 30 ft art mural at the heart of the Lower East Side to benefit a non-profit that supports young immigrant girls, Brave House. Her work was covered by ABC News. Fox, and Univision.

Angela Del Sol's interest in web3 and sustainability bloomed during her time in the mountains of Peru. After the 2020 artivism tour Seed Evolution, where she advocated for a non-partisan view on the urgency of climate considerations when voting, she found herself planting trees in Peru to offset carbon from the tour. Witnessing the power of nature's reciprocity, she was inspired to go beyond merely offering volunteers a meal and delved into the world of blockchain technology, exploring its potential to support tangible climate impact and alternative ways to support volunteers. She reconnected with her curiosity with Blockchain technology.


This journey also led her to uncover the intricacies the Web3 NFT world and the wild west of the carbon credit market with SISU XYZ. With her vision and passion for environmental stewardship, Angela Del Sol strives to harness the power of blockchain to support grassroots communities engaged in crucial reforestation efforts while continuously informing the world about more climate solutions. Her visionary and non linear thinking, landed her the recognition of one of the most influential women in NFT space in 2021 by Hackernoon magazine. In 2022, she received an award for her exemplary work in blockchain to advance environmental impact by Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC), and has received support from NEAR Foundation incubate her curiosity, as well as was a DAOinstructure for ASTRODAO, to enroll more environmental communities into web3. 

A natural community builder, Angela Del Sol was part of Soho House's Membership committee of Ludlow House in New York for five years, curating community members to join the global community. Angela Del Sol is a Design Science Studio Fellow, a project incubated at at Buckminster Future Institute for art, designers and creatives focusing on creative regeneration. 

Angela Del Sol is currently stewarding ANCIENT FUTURE LABS, an immersive incubator and event series that explores the fusion of traditional wisdom and futuristic technology design. Through sensory experiences and a digital community, she aim to disrupt the status quo and inspire positive change, and multidisciplinary connection between technologists and ecologists. 

Pastel Swirl

Let's Make the


Sand Dunes


Guiding Values 

I am a multi-faceted individual, driven by curiosity and a passion for inspiring and connecting with people. I believe we can creatively regenerate our planet and transform ourselves. As an international curator, entrepreneur, and environmentalist, I find profound meaning in the intersection of art, culture, and technology.

My approach to life is non-linear, guided by living in the present moment and staying flexible. From immersing myself in the vibrant souks of Morocco while producing the first electronic music festival to creating unique art interventions for UN Water Day and advocating for indigenous communities at the UN, or helping shape brands through consulting, I embrace fluidity and versatility. My guiding principles of creativity, regeneration, innovation, and global thinking drive my project choices. 

Service to a greater purpose is central to my values. I firmly believe in contributing to future generations and sowing the seeds of positive change, even if I may not witness the full growth.


Social responsibility is close to my heart, and I actively seek collaboration with individuals and brands that care about our society and local communities.

Beauty is a universal language, and I use its power as a tool to communicate with the world. From art to nature to the beauty found in people, I am drawn to the awe-inspiring manifestations of creative force.

Embracing a sense of wonder and joy are essential to my personal growth. I approach life with the spirit of a child,  always exploring and discovering new wonders.

Global Thinking is an integral part of my journey, and travel has been instrumental in my personal development and understanding of the world. I believe that thinking globally and acting locally is imperative in our interconnected world, where our actions ripple across borders, affecting the lives of others.

Ancient Wisdom and deep respect to the knowledge that I have humbly learned from ancient communities around the world as well as my own lineage, guides my work. This wisdom is rooted in reciprocity, deep listening to natural laws, and truth seeking, and is the compass to guide my process and work.



I am deeply driven by my love and appreciation for the natural world, fueled by a desire to protect and preserve it for future generations. The birth of my little niece, Aria Nala, added a whole new meaning to my work, and witnessing the accelerating data of climate breakdown only reinforced my refusal to accept business as usual. The children of this world, including Aria, deserve a better future, and I am determined to play my part in making that happen.


As I traveled the world, producing conferences, events, and festivals, I couldn't ignore the urgent need for action to address climate change, mitigate its impacts, and promote sustainable practices. It became hard to set up Champagne bars at 5 start hotel in the middle of the Morrocan dessert, when kids outside the door would beg for pencils and water. Things simply fell off. Seeing, living and navigating stark contrasts of inequality frustrated me. A life-changing experience during a drought and water rationing in Brazil opened my eyes to the dissociation of the global south and the impact of our inaction on the rest of the world. This led me to take on a more active role as an advocate at the UN Sustain US Youth Delegation, seeking to understand and contribute to meaningful change.

As an immigrant raised by a single super woman mother, I faced profound challenges and great losses from an early age like loosing my father, which were all gifts that helped me developed deep empathy for others, allowing me to connect on a profound level with issues like social justice, children's rights and education access. I believe in utilizing my gifts to make a tangible difference in the world and contribute to a transition towards a more regenerative and resilient future for all, specially women, and children. I am the underdog rooting and extending the hand and lifting up just as many have for me, like dear professors, coaches, mentors and angels. 

Having witnessed the devastating effects of climate change and the domino effect of climate disasters, such as Hurricane Maria's aftermath in Puerto Rico and the havoc of Hurricane Sandy in New York City and day to day to indigenous communities worldwide, I am committed to environmental stewardship. I draw inspiration from visionary investors like Muhammad Yunus and climate leaders like the Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai, Amal Clooney, and Georgia O’keefe, Hilma Flint, Al Greene, Bob Marley, who have left a significant impact on the world.

Things truly clicked when I had a near death experience in Costa Rica in 2017 when I got sucked by a rip tide. That moment shifted my vision and shook me to my core and made me realize we cannot take this breath and body suits for granted. Death has been a great teacher and made me awaken to my soul's purpose and the fact that heaven is here and now, we are living it. 

Nature's breath taking beauty from connecting with a baby dragon fly once, through horse bike ridding to the last glaciers of Peru, Ausangate, to majestic beauty of my home, La Sierra Nevada of Colombia, through exploring the own intelligence of my body, and how intrinsically  connected it all is, fuels my work and inspires me to help others see it to. Because once you do, there's no turning back. 

My approach to environmental stewardship encompasses system thinking, innovation, design thinking, low-tek design, and multidisciplinary perspectives, allowing me to create meaningful solutions and out the box takes to address the complex challenges our planet faces, apathy and lack of awareness that without a healthy planet and people, nothing really matters.

My Climate Story 


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